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  1. Gift dit :

    So glad you received the book and are enoiyjng it, Bonnie. The Hound of Heaven is one that I also have turned into a prayer at times. It was certainly birthed out of a great many prayers. Your students have a lot to look forward to if they are going to be reading Tennyson’s works! Of course, every young person (and older person) will appreciate different writers and for different reasons, but Tennyson happened to be one I really latched onto. One of the biggest reasons for this was that I bought a lovely and very old volume of his poetry at a little bookstore in Britain when I was twelve years old and read it on my own. This sense of ownership really made me appreciate the book more and work harder to love it. I also feel that it’s important for students to study poets individually, rather than to read anthologies even anthologies devoted to specific time periods. When students study just one poet at a time, reading their works every day (for just five or ten minutes) and only study three or four poets a year, they develop an appreciation for each poet’s style and can pick out his works in other places. They have learned to appreciate what is unique about the one man or woman and to cultivate an opinion about his or writing. It is this form of study that taught me to form relationships with individual poets and come to know them and it was this love for them that caused me to really incorporate poetry into my life.

  2. Stefani dit :

    Looking at your blog is like making a small trip to Hawaii lveoly colors, sun, flowers, the sea and friendly people. Your quotations are always optimistic and kind. I wish you a great day and many more to follow.

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